The Eccentric Club Media Policy

(Adopted in September 2009, revised in 2019)

1. The Eccentric Club believes that the media represents essential and important means of raising awareness about the Club, its proud heritage and present social and charitable activities.

2. It is highly important that at all times the Club is perceived as a respectable establishment, engaged in the activities beneficial to its members and the society at large, and that press releases are regularly issued to maximise the potential of informing the public of the Club’s activities.

3. It is equally important to ensure at all times that the correct image is being portrayed and the correct message is being communicated to and by the media; the Eccentric Club respects and honours clear, true and positive representation of its events, activities and members, but shall never tolerate the dissemination of any disrespectful, derogatory, defamatory or untrue information about it.

4. In the event of the media representatives approaching any member of the Club on any issie related to the Club, they should be referred to the Club Secretary who will provide the only comments approved by the Club Committee.

5. No personal statements made by any members of the Club regarding any subject related to the Club, should be deemed as approved and consented to by the Club Committee; should any careless interpretation of such statements by the media result in any disrespectful, derogatory, defamatory or untrue information, the Club Committee reserves the right to take a reasonable legal action against the relevant media organisations and individuals due to whose professional negligence such information was allowed to be disseminated.

6. None of the materials published on the Eccentric Club website are released for any re-production, unless a written consent of the Club Secretary is issued to that effect to the party intending to re-produce them.

7. Media representatives contacting the Club Secretary should at all times observe the accepted etiquette in correspondence and telephone conversations, and must not assume that their publication, TV programme or any other media product is known to the Club Secretary due to its popularity ratings and received awards, therefore, a brief introduction of it is highly recommended.

8. In the event of the media representatives approaching the Club Secretary in need of a personal contact beyond the correspondence, for an interview, a supply of additional research or information on any of the subjects related to the Club and its activities, a participation in an editorial feature, a TV documentary, or any other media production, it is advisable to consider, prior to any contact, a possible charitable donation to the Club in return for the time and efforts of its representatives.

9. All media enquiries are being reported by the Club Secretary to the Club Committee, and the decision about any potential participation or involvement is being made by the members of the Committee. Depending on such decision, the Club Secretary may continue or cease all communications with the media representatives which submitted an enquiry. The Club Committee’s decision is final and cannot be re-negotiated.

10. All media representatives contacting the Eccentric Club are assumed to be aware of the Club’s Media Policy and are expected to comply with it as every reasonable effort is made by the club to draw their attention to it.