The Eccentric Club membership is open on an equal basis to men and women of not less than Eighteen years of age, elected by ballot.
Members of the old Club in Ryder Street may be granted the membership of the new Club upon an informal interview with the Secretary.
Benefits and Advantages of the Eccentric Club Membership:

The Eccentric Club offers to its members many of the traditional advantages of a select social club with rich history and traditions.

Along with the exceptionally comfortable premises of more than one traditional London club, conveniently situated in the heart of London’s West End and available for the use of our members at particular times by virtue of generosity of our hosts, the Eccentric Club members enjoy belonging to one of the oldest social organisations in Britain with a fascinating heritage, the Royal patronage and a most diverse membership, which includes many prominent figures notable for their achievements in various fields of Art, Law, Politics, Science and Business.

A most rigorous process of election of our members ensures that those elected are indeed the individuals whose company the existing members would greatly enjoy and value. Whilst our club members, just like their predecessors centuries ago, are less bound by the formal rules existing in many traditional clubs, they are at all times expected to demonstrate their express impartiality on religious and political matters, refrain from discussing business, respect other members and welcome their guests. Such a conduct provides an amicable environment for recreational and creative pastime and is a great benefit to our members.

Thanks to such a selection and the traditions of the club, our members are less likely to have to communicate with those persons having nothing in common with them, their interests and pursuits, as may be found in many less selective social and business clubs. We highly value the unique individuality of our members and are not trying to increase their numbers unnecessarily – a club which has been in existence for more than Two Hundred years can afford choosing the quality of its company.

We are not after our members’ money, but their company, character and wit, that is why our annual subscriptions are very modest.

Our other benefits include regular club dinners and convivial parties, association with Seventy reciprocal clubs worldwide, a varied programme of cultural events and occasional special offers from various businesses having a friendly disposition towards our club.

Every new candidate* for the membership must be proposed by one and seconded by another Member of the Club, to both of whom he should be personally known (unless the Committee, for some special reason, would decide to accept the nomination of a candidate who is personally known to the proposer only, or shall invite the candidate on behalf of the Committee).

Every application for the membership must be made in writing, signed by the Candidate and by his proposer and seconder on a form provided by the Committee (Application forms are available from the Club Secretary).

When an application for the Membership is received, subject to there being a vacancy, it will be considered and voted upon by the Committee. If the Committee are of the opinion by majority vote that the particulars submitted are sufficient and the candidate would appear from these to be a suitable applicant, he will be invited by the Committee and after paying the applicable Subscription Fee, he will start his Trial Period which should normally last Three months during which he will be expected to participate actively in the Club events (at least, in the Monthly General meetings) and let the existing members of the Club fully form an opinion of him as a potential full member.

Upon the successful completion of his Trial Period, he will be notified by the Committee of the change in his status and will become a full Member. His name will be then entered by the Club Secretary into the Club Members’ Register.

The election of Members is vested solely in the Committee and shall be carried out by the physical or online ballot. It shall not be necessary for the Committee to give any reason for refusing or accepting the candidature of any applicant for membership, or extending the Trial Period.

The Committee may advance the election of any candidate whose membership is in their opinion immediately desirable.


* Wherever any new candidate above is referred to as “he”, it is implied to include “she”, i.e. relates to the candidates of either gender.