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1. How do you define eccentricity?

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Eccentricity comes in many shapes and forms, it can be amusing, entertaining, enlightening, creative, useful, dangerous, egoistic, tasteless, threatening, etc. Regrettably, so many things and acts are being called “eccentric” that the definition of eccentricity is too wide and vague.

The Eccentric Club, traditionally, celebrates eccentricity as the originality and individual creative expression of its members, unique and yet practical, achievable and yet fantastic in the eyes of the conventional observers, successful in its completion and useful – not just to the originator, but to the public in general, to the nation and the mankind.

Centuries ago, our predecessors were also talking about “Good Fellowship” and “True Sociality” – “virtues which are now getting rare and eccentric; but which it is the wish and intent of this Society to cherish within their narrow circle to the utmost of their power... in the occasional enjoyment of ‘The feast of reason and the flow of soul’” (The Eccentric Society Rules and Regulations, 1808).

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