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14. The old club was founded in 1890, why do you claim to be older?

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For many decades it was believed that the club was founded in 1890 by Jack Harrison, which is partially true. However, there are a lot of records of at least a few previous Eccentric Clubs which existed in London (and had numerous chapters all over the country) between 1780s and 1880s.

We have reasons to believe that a theatrical costumier from Covent Garden by the name of Harrison, who was a member of the older Eccentric Club in 1830s-1850s, was in fact the father of Jack Harrison.

In 1893, at the Third Anniversary Dinner, Jack Harrison admitted that the Eccentric Club roots go to a much older club, which existed in 1800s, and that the white owl was its symbol. His speech was recorded and reported in a number of contemporary newspapers, one of them being The Era, popular at the time.

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