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15. Didn’t the old club merge with the East India Club?

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After the renovation works have started in Ryder Street in 1984/85, the East India Club invited a number of the Eccentric Club members of good standing to join it and enjoy its facilities along with its own full members and many members of the other clubs, which over the years have merged with the East India, giving it its present name: “The East India Devonshire Public Schools and Sports Club”, which is almost meaningless to those who do not know this club’s history.

Many of the old Eccentric Club members disliked the idea of joining the East India at the time, still hoping to be able to use the Eccentric Club club house in Ryder Street and believing that the very spirit of the East India was quite different to that of the Eccentric.

Most of the Eccentric Club Committee members, however, have accepted this offer and became the East India Club full members, some remain them until this very day and a few are working for various Committees at the East India Club.

However, many other former eccentrics, after realising that the club house in Ryder Street is unlikely to re-open ever again, have joined the R.A.C., the Oxford and Cambridge and many other clubs. The Eccentric Club Golfing Society went on to play at the Ealing Golf Club and the Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club. Some snooker players went to the R.A.C.

So, it would be incorrect to say that the Eccentric Club has ever ‘merged’ with the East India, many of its former members would strongly disagree.

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