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16. Isn’t the old Eccentric Clock at the East India Club?

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The old Eccentric Clock, the one going backward, the one being held by a large carved wooden owl, the one which used to hang above the bar at The Owl’s Roost in Ryder Street club house, is not hanging at the East India Club.

However, at the American Bar of the East India Club there is a smaller-scale replica of the old clock with a plaque saying “ECCENTRIC CLOCK”. It was manufactured (not carved in wood) and installed there a few years back, in 2006-2007, when a group of the former Eccentric Club members, now belonging to the East India, were meeting at this bar.

The black and white image shows the original clock at The Owl’s Roost, the colour photograph was taken recently at the American Bar in the East India Club.

The Eccentric Clock has inspired numerous authors and artists, over the years it was used as a symbol in various creative works: "The Eccentric Club in London with its clock running backwards: I wished they would have me as a member, so I could meet all my old friends again..." (writer Anthony Steyning).

It appears that the original clock was sold off in 1955 and was replaced with a replica, which was sold off later, too. So, the East India Club has, in fact, the second replica of the original 'eccentric clock'.

The originator of the idea of the 'eccentric' clock was W.E.Clifford, with the funds raised for its creation by the old club members: F.Evans, J.A.Harrison, H.Pearson, Ben Nathan, G.Moore, A.Scott, J.Douglas, P.W.Harris, L.W.Harris, H.Fane, Thomas Fraser, Denby Hare and H.Riley.

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