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18. What is an ‘Open Convivial Meeting’?

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We hold monthly our ‘Open Convivial Meetings’ (apart from occasional cancellations), inviting to them not just the club members, but their friends, new candidates, former members seeking re-election and some new ‘interesting’ guests, chosen by or recommended to the Committee anonymously by our members – it is an old tradition at our club to suggest such new guests to be invited, if the members believe that they may get interested in our club’s heritage, philosophy or our members, who may equally enjoy the new guests’ company.

Open Convivial Meetings are designed as joyful and merry evenings, full of entertaining conversations, drinks and snacks, occasional performances by the Club members and the surprise guests, and the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the existing members of the Club and ask them any questions about it.

Fun goes hand in hand with social networking here, the world’s leading artists, fashion designers and performers mix with the lawyers and politicians, members of the aristocracy and the eccentric inventors. But this is not just another networking club – all our guests are carefully selected by the organisers or suggested by the club members and then privately invited to attend. Those ignoring such invitations are normally not re-invited again. Those invited but unable to attend are always advised to let us know whether they’ll be wishing to come to a future ‘open’ event.

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