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20. I’m a guest, can I photograph at your club?

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You should always formally ask us and may also need a formal permission of our host, the Savile or the Orinetal Club.

On  most occasions, if the photographs are taken for the private use only, we would have no hesitation in allowing you to photograph, however, you may also need to ask the individual members whether they do not mind being photographed by you.

Another unwritten rule we have (and expect everyone to observe it) is that the Eccentric Club must be provided with a set of high resolution (300dpi) images or 5X7 prints of your photographs featuring our members – for the club archive and our newsletter/magazine. You will be credited everywhere where these images may appear, if there will be any interest in their publication elsewhere, outside the club, we shall duly contact you and seek your permission/approval of such a publication (and any commercial terms of it).

If you are a journalist and may need to use these images in some publication, please read first our Media Policy:

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