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5. How do I become a member of your club?

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There are many ways for one to become a member of the Eccentric Club. If you are patient and determined, you are very likely to succeed, whether you are a gentleman or a lady.

The best way, of course, is to be proposed and seconded by two of the existing club members, and the longer they have been our members - the better. If they have belonged to the old club in Ryder Street, this is even better still.

If, however, you know no-one at the club, you may still register online, so that we will have your details - . It may be so that your life story and various achievements will impress so much the Committee, that you will be invited to the club for an interview, which may convince the Committee to make an exception and invite the members to vote for your election as a member.

Another way is to become a ‘Friend of the Eccentric Club’ and receive more information about the club from the Committee and occasional invitations to the selected ‘open’ events where you will meet the existing members, may become personal friends with them and, a little later, ask them to propose and second you.

Finally, if you can think of an original and eccentrically creative act, which may be offered to the club members as their entertainment, do approach the Committee, and you may be invited to the next club event to perform it. Some of the most successful performers and after-dinner speakers are traditionally awarded with a year’s free membership of the Eccentric Club.

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