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6. I’m not an eccentric, can I still join your club?

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Being an eccentric, in one’s understanding, is not the ultimate requirement for being considered as our future member. Not all the eccentrics are the members of our, or, indeed, of any other club. And not all of our members are the eccentrics (in fact, most of them would reject the very idea!).

One of the characters in "The Eccentric Club: Being a Short Outline of Its Past" (published in 1880), a book by X.Y.Z., the Eccentric Society Club member, says: "I'm afraid... that eccentricity may become fashionable. Nobody wants eccentricity a fashion - would not do. Want it natural. A man to be worthy of this Society should not know he has it himself. They say, I'm eccentric, I didn't know it. I'm the last man myself to believe I am eccentric. Still, I am told I am."

If, on the other hand, you believe that you share our ideals and would be able to contribute to the club’s further development and the charitable work we do, we shall be delighted to hear from you.

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