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8. Can the ladies join your club?

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Yes! In 1984 it was announced that the Eccentric Club, known for many years as a male bastion, is to start accepting female members. It then closed for the refurbishment and never re-opened again, until its revival in 2008 in a totally different set of premises. Some evil tongues in the 80s were saying that this decision led the club to its closure, that it was never meant to accept women as members...

In our day and age, however, it sounds obsolete and unreasonable to refuse our ladies a chance to exercise their originality, eccentricity and social network weaving skills to the fullest at the Eccentric Club. We upheld the 1984 decision and from the very first day of our revival we have been accepting lady members, who, at the moment make up about 25 per cent of the club membership. 

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