Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you define eccentricity?

2. What do you do at your club?

3. Who are your members?

4. What do you expect of your members?

5. How do I become a member of your club?

6. I’m not an eccentric, can I still join your club?

7. I’m not an eccentric, can I recommend someone else?

8. Can the ladies join your club?

9. What is the dress code at your club?

10. What are the benefits of your membership?

11. How much is it to join your club?

12. I’m not sure whether to join you, what should I do?

13. Are you related to the old Eccentric Club?

14. The old club was founded in 1890, why do you claim to be older?

15. Didn’t the old club merge with the East India Club?

16. Isn’t the old Eccentric Clock at the East India Club?

17. Are you related to the Monster Raving Loony Party?

18. What is an ‘Open Convivial Meeting’?

19. I’ve been invited, can I bring a friend?

20. I’m a guest, can I photograph at your club?

21. I’m a journalist, can I photograph/film/write about your club?

22. Can I stay overnight at your club?

23. What charities do you support?

24. Can I become your business partner?

25. How can I sponsor one of your events?