Currently, the Eccentric Club has reciprocal agreements with the following establishments:


Great Britain:

Phyllis Court Club, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

The Royal Scots Club, Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Devonshire Club, Eastbourne, E.Sussex (old reciprocal of the Eccentric Club).

The Bath & County Club, Bath.

The Ipswich & Suffolk Club, Ipswich.

The Norfolk Club, Norwich.

The Strangers Club, Norwich (Gentlemen Only, old reciprocal of the Eccentric Club).

The United Club, St Helier, Jersey.

The Royal Perth Golfing Society and County & City Club, Perth, Scotland.

The Ulster Arts Club, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The Glasgow Art Club, Glasgow, Scotland.

Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh, Scotland.



The Stephen's Green Hibernian Club, Dublin, Eire - formerly The Stephen's Green Club, merged in 2002 with the Hibernian United Service Club (old reciprocal of the Eccentric Club).


International Club Berlin, Berlin.


The Netherlands:

Sociëteit De Witte, Hague



Cercle Royal Concorde-Philotaxe, Antwerp.



Círculo Eça de Queiroz, Lisbon.



Sociedad Bilbaina, Bilbao.



Cercle Munster, Luxembourg.



ShippingKlubben, The Norwegian Shipping Club, Oslo.



Hansaklubben / Hansa Club, Malmö.



The Malta Union Club, Sliema.

Casino Maltese, Valletta


The Forest and Stream Club, Dorval, Quebec.

The Windsor Club, Windsor, Ontario.

The London Club, London, Ontario.

Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto.

The Belleville Club, Belleville, Ontario.



The Eccentric Club, Gloversville, N.Y. (old reciprocal of the Eccentric Club).

The Coffee House Club, New York, N.Y.

The Arts Club of Washington, Washington, D.C.

The Adventurers' Club, Chicago.

Farmington Country Club, Virginia (informal agreement).

The Miscowaubik Club, Keweenaw National Historic Park, Michigan.

The Des Moines Embassy Club, Des Moines, Iowa.

The Saturn Club, Buffalo, N.Y.

The Kansas City Club, Kansas.

The Walden Club, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Washington Athletic Club, Seattle, Washington.

Squantum Association, Rhode Island.

The Outing Club, Davenport, Iowa

The Bellevue Club, Oakland, California.

The University Club of Palo Alto, California.

The University & Whist Club of Wilmington, Delaware.

The River Club, Jacksonville, Florida.

The University Club of St Paul, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The Buffalo Club, Buffalo, N.Y.

The Trenton Club, Trenton, N.J.

The Quadrangle Club, Chicago, IL.

Neighborhood Club of Quincy, Massachusetts

The University Club of Phoenix, Arizona

The Racquet Club of Philadelphia, Philadelphia

The Milwaukee Club, Milwaukee, WI. (informal agreement)

The Corpus Christi Town Club, Corpus Christi, Texas.

The Morristown Club, Morristown, N.J.

Cactus Club, Denver, Colorado (informal agreement)

Mid-day Club, Buffalo, N.Y.

The Players Club of Detroit, Detroit.

The Pendennis Club of Louisville.

Thames Club, New London, CT.

The Franklin Inn Club, Philadelphia, PA.


South America:

Club Europeo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Club del Progreso, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Circulo de la Unión, La Paz, Bolivia

Club Naval, Valparaiso, Chile

Club Uruguay de Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay

Club de Viña del Mar, Viña del Mar, Chile



Muthaiga Country Club, Nairobi.


South Africa:

The Durban Club, Durban.

The Rand Club, Johannesburg (old reciprocal of the Eccentric Club).

The Owl Club, Cape Town.



Royal Brunei Yacht Club



The Manila Club, Makati City, Manila.



The Singapore Polo Club



Shanghai Racquet Club, Shanghai.

WorldClubNet China Club Collection, various locations in China.



Kobe Club, Kobe



The Kelvin Club, Melbourne (old reciprocal of the Eccentric Club).

The Public Schools Club, Adelaide.


Members of the Eccentric Club wishing to visit these clubs, should obtain Letters of Introduction from the Secretary prior to their travel.