Recommended Read 

It is our great pleasure to recommend all our visitors a new fine book by Henry Hemming, a truly fascinating and eccentric individual, talented author and equally talented artist, and just a great chap and our friend!

"In search of the English Eccentric", published by John Murray this Summer (2008).

The English eccentric is under threat. In our increasingly homogenised society, these celebrated parts of our national identity are anomalies that may soon no longer fit. Or so it seems. On his entertaining and thought-provoking quest to discover the most eccentric English person alive today, Henry Hemming unearths a surprisingly large array of playfully outspoken, original and inspiring characters. He asks what it is to be an eccentric. Is it simply to thrive on creativity and non-conformity, and where does this incarnation of Englishness stem from? Hemming concludes that this tribe is, in fact, in rude health, as essential as ever to the English national identity, only they are no longer to be found where you’d expect them to be.

Featuring interviews with Dame Vivienne Westwood, the Marquess of Bath, Pete Doherty, the modern-day reincarnation of King Arthur, the Leopard Man of Skye, Sebastian Horsley, Chris Eubank, Captain Beany and Brian Haw among others.

“A lovely, heartfelt paean to English eccentrics by a member of the tribe. A funny, timely and moving encounter with a dying breed.”
...............Jon Ronson

.................Daily Mail

“an intelligent and encouraging piece of writing”
........ times literary supplement

“Hemming is a kindly collector and a champion of people who live as they see fit.” - metro

“an entertaining quest to understand our national identity”

“plastered quarters of the velvet-pantalooned Marquess of Bath, to the drafty Yorkshire sheep pen of modern “witch” Sue Woodcock and the Battersea-based atelier of Vivienne Westwood, Hemming discovers a type of person who remains indeterminable by sex, class or creed”

“Hemming scours the land to discover that its beloved oddballs are alive and well … it still takes all sorts to make an England — and thank goodness for that”

“An exciting and thoughtful exploration into eccentricity, which turns into an investigation of what it means to be English.”
..............Gay Times

“A highly entertaining quest”

“A good crop of eccentrics”
......Western Daily Press