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The Ram In The Thicket by Adrian Brown, the ultimate winner of the title The Grand Master of Verse at the Battle of Verse 2009, held by the Eccentric Club on 26th of March this year. Published by Hearing Eye. Illustrated by Cecil Hayter.

Mr Brown has had a thirty-year career in theatre and television, winning seven awards as a director, including a BAFTA nomination and an EMMY. Now he has returned to his early love of writing verse. He skilfully sustains long narrative poems, both serious and humourous, in a variety of verse forms.

The Ram In The Thicket is the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, a suspenseful adventure about the extreme demands a religion may hold, about social and philosophical issues relevant to the world situation today: the balance between faith and reason, between a leader and the governed masses, between principle and pragmatism.

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