Definitions of Eccentricity

Definitions of 'eccentricity' and 'eccentrics' have changed a number of times throughout history and, unfortunately, in the recent times became more associated with some ‘slightly mad’ or too extravagant individuals as well as various kinds of exhibitionists and attention seekers. We think it is about time to re-define the very subject of eccentricity and to attempt to restore the original meaning of it.

Eccentrics of the past and some of the present ones (which, for known reasons, often refuse to be associated with the eccentrics or labelled as such) are often very reasonable, talented and educated in a number of fields people, fairly practical and yet quite artistic and original. 

In our understanding, eccentricity is a reluctance to be bound by social, spiritual, scientific, political, aesthetical or any other limitations and an everlasting desire to explore every manifestation of life around us for the benefit of gaining or widening personal experience and translating it through various mediums such as art, business, science, social events - to the others, to the society, and, in particular, those individuals which are seeking new knowledge and experience and are ready to perceive it.

No doubt, many of the eccentrics may have rather unusual and colourful private lives, but so do many more of the ‘average/normal’ (whichever ‘norm’ that may be!) people, well blending in with the rest of the human crowd, but any such deviations purely in private lives will not be the criteria for our search for the outstanding eccentrics worthy of this exclusive establishment. 

Eccentrics do not ‘behave strangely’ for the sake of it, they are not the attention seekers as they are aware that most likely they will not be understood by a large number of people which never question their everyday ways of living and doing things, those who need well-defined boundaries and accept them for what they are. Eccentrics know too well the reason for such boundaries, their nature and what may lie beyond them, they consciously choose to live and act sometimes ignoring such boundaries, which often leads to the new steps in the development and progress of the mankind as such... or bitter conflicts with the unready society which may well be the other side of the medal... 

The Eccentric Club, in its new form, attempts to bring together many such individuals and to re-define socially the value of their ‘unusual’ lifestyle, ways of thinking and their quest for the answers to the eternal questions; it attempts to create a new type of the social network where many talents and experiences of the eccentrics could bring them closer together (as some of them are somewhat reclusive and introvert persons) and from which the society in general would benefit a great deal. 

The eccentrics themselves, of course, will also benefit from being in the social spotlight, unleashing a great creative and competitive force which may in some instances outweigh the mindless rubbish poured out into the society by some cheap media sources. 

A further challenge for the club may be a series of legal efforts aiming to secure for the true eccentrics a higher degree of their freedom of expression and of its non-conformity to the present mindless and truly outrageous levels of polit-correctness in our society, a special status for the genuinely genial individuals to deliver their judgements and opinions with no fear of prosecution by the crowd. For the sake of the society and culture and for the sake of the mankind itself...